Need Sewer Line Replacement or Repair Services in Billings or Laurel, MT?

Learn about our safe and effective pipe bursting method

If you want to replace your old sewer line with minimal damage to your property, take advantage of trenchless pipe bursting services from Brown Plumbing & Heating. Wondering how this method works? Read on to learn more.

Once we locate your damaged pipe, our team will replace your old sewer line with new polyethylene piping. The process is done by forcing new polyethylene piping through the existing pipes. Because the pipe is fused together, we can guarantee your new sewer line will stay root-free for years to come.

Call us to schedule your sewer line replacement in Billings or Laurel, MT today.

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3 reasons to go with a trenchless line repair or replacement

There are many benefits of choosing pipe bursting over traditional sewer line repair and replacement methods. Unlike traditional services, our methods result in:

  1. Minimal ground disturbance - to reduce the amount of digging and soil disruption required
  2. Savings over time - using this method will reduce the cost of your sewer line replacement
  3. Avoidance of potential health problems - avoid digging around your pipes, which can stir up mold and asbestos

Start taking advantage of these services today. You can reach us at 406-656-8585 to discuss your needs.