Don't Poke Around in Your Drain With a Bent Clothes Hanger

Let us do your drain cleaning in Billings or Laurel, MT

No one wants to hear the sound of a gurgling drain or see sewage backing up in their sink. If you notice a problem with your drain, reach out to Brown Plumbing & Heating for fast drain cleaning services. We'll use top-notch diagnostic techniques and drain cleaning equipment to make your residential or commercial drains work like new again.

Look no further for a professional plumber in Billings or Laurel, MT. Hire us to clean out your clogged drains quickly.

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Want to know what's clogging your drains?

Drain clogs can be caused by a variety of things. Luckily, our skilled plumber knows how to diagnose the problem and find an effective solution.

We can find out if your:

  • Kitchen sink is clogged by grease or food waste
  • Shower drain is clogged by hair or soap scum
  • Toilet is clogged by roots or tissue paper

Once we locate the source of the problem, we'll give you options to clean out, repair or replace the problematic pipe. Call 406-656-8585 now to take advantage of our dependable drain cleaning services.